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IMG_2305Lessons in drumming NZ was formed by Mark Griffiths (mlgdrumming), now Taranaki Drum Academy, mlgdrumming started circa 1980 when he started teaching from home with a few students. Prior to that Mark had a strong passion for drumming from very early childhood, forming a band with friends in his basement at age 4 which he still clearly remembers. Drumming wasn’t really an option in their household for reasons he couldn’t understand, his father was an amazing piano player so music was prevalent at home. The family were allowed to learn piano which he learned pieces of here and there, but drumming was his passion so he secretly played to music with pieces of dowel on anything that made a half good sound. Further down the track when he started High School in Tauranga NZ, he jumped at the opportunity for free lunch time drum tuition and can remember hearing some really excellent young players which inspired him to learn everything he possibly could from then on.

From there they relocated back to Auckland and was fortunate enough (some bribery there) to be allowed a private drumming tutor who introduced him to a whole new world of drumming at the age of 13. After a few months, Mark and another of his fellow students became the drummers for the North Shore Youth Concert Band and now when he looks back he realises how important this was in the development of good disciplinary skills. At our weekly lessons, rudiments and chart reading played a major part and at times proved to be extremely challenging.

Over the years drumming has been a huge part of his life and was fortunate enough to make it his career and play with many admirable musicians in New Zealand and Australia, he is currently working on developing other skills to better enable his online tutoring skills.

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