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Great Video. How to hold your drum sticks by Drummer & Educator Sacha Kloostra. Official YouTube channel.

The main grips used in drumming are the traditional grip and the matched grip. An important factor about gripping a drum stick is the fulcrum, this is the point of contact between your sticks and fingers, it’s where the stick is able to swivel.

Traditional grip

The traditional grip, which came about through marching band drumming, holds the left hand stick in a different way because marching drummers have their snare drums hanging at an angle from their right shoulder. A special left hand grip was developed to allow for the angle of the drum. But not just marching drummers use this grip, many drummers, especially jazz drummers love this grip.

Left hand matched gripRight hand stick grip

Matched grip just means you hold both sticks the same way. How to get started with the matched grip, pick your stick up like you would pick up a pen but don’t turn it over like you are going to write, grab the stick between your first finger and your thumb. This is what is called the fulcrum, or the point of balance. Your other fingers should curl around the stick. You should be using about the first 1/4 to 1/3 of the stick from the butt, not the tip, to grip your sticks. If you hold the sticks too far forward, the tip of the stick won’t be able to drop naturally. Your left and right hand grip will mirror each other.

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Composed by Joel Rothman. For drums. Book. Published by Joel Rothman Publications (JR.JRP32).
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Composed by Siegfried Hofmann. For Drum Set. Rolled, Reference. Wall Chart. All Styles. Beginning. Wall Chart. 1 pages. Published by Mel Bay Publications, Inc (MB.20213).

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